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Rolling Road

Camaro on the rolling road

Our Mustang MD 1750 Rolling Road Dynamometer - installed with the latest state of the art "Powerdyne" software - enables us to measure almost every variable of any two-wheel drive car.

We can run the vehicle through various simulations: to measure acceleration performance, top speed and more. We can even simulate quarter mile drag races.

Being an American designed and built road, it’s big, and can accommodate large vehicles effortlessly. The twin, knurled 50" diameter wheel drums enable excellent traction; giving maximum power transfer with little or no slip, resulting in minimal tyre wear.


Why Use The Mustang MD 1750 Rolling Road Dyno?

With a 50" diameter roll set, a maximum speed of 250 mph and a horse-power measurement rating of 2,000 hp, the MD-1750 is by far the fastest and most powerful dyno available in its class.

The twin eddy current power absorption feature allows for 'steady state' testing at various speeds and torque outputs.

The data from the dyno rolling road enables us or your tuner to tune or develop your car. If you wish to hire the rolling road with the use of your own tuner, we will provide an operator only.

Instant accurate perfromacne data to tune your car

Fiat arbarth on the rolling roadBmw on the rolling roadPowerdyne mustang rolling road

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