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Healey Silverstone replica developed from a Healey Tickford MGP943 - 1947 | £62500 | Right Hand Drive


Between 1946 and 1954 Donald Healey built chassis for their own cars and also sold chassis to coachbuilders. Healey produced the Westland, Elliot and Silverstone; independent coachbuilders produced the Tickford, Duncan and Abbot. 105 Silverstone cars were produced and 225 Tickford cars. MGP 943 was originally manufactured as a Tickford car as chassis no 1977. The Tickford chassis and the Silverstone chassis were very similar; the main difference was that the Tickford had wider outriggers to accommodate the wider body of the car. The Silverstone caused a storm and the road cars, which were produced in aluminium over ash on the same chassis, are today compared as the lotus equivalent cars of the day. This Silverstone conversion is very well constructed and developed by one of the better independent Healey restorers who has developed the car into tan outstanding replica. Beautiful to look at, excellent to drive built on a correct period chassis and year correct registration number. MGP943 was originally registered as a C series Healey Tickford chassis number 1977. The V5 states the car to be a Silverstone with correct matching original chassis and engine numbers. The car is listed in Bill Emerson’s authority book the “Healey Story” now as a 2 seat special. The conversion to a Silverstone was completed in 2007 using a rare fibreglass kit from a batch made in the 1908’s moulded from an original Silverstone so dimensions of the car are correct. The engine is mounted in the correct position for the Silverstone. The car has run in UK hill climbs in 2008 and has been admired by Silverstone owners as a very good replica.


Variant Silverstone Gearbox

4 Speed overdrive




Black interior and carpet

Engine Straight 4, 2443cc,     
Wheels Painted Steel    



Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these particulars, no responsibility is taken for error, omission or misstatement or imperfections not stated. Buyers should satisfy themselves pre purchase of the condition and provenance of the car and on their own judgment satisfy themselves as to whether the car accords to its description or not.

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