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Austin Healey 100/4 BN1 with 4 speed box ex californian car - 1955 | £33,000 | Left Hand Drive Californian car

Another supern 100/4 fpr sale from Rawles Motorsport the Healey seller

I bought VSU 792 from Healey Guru, Ex Austin Healey Manager and Austin Healey Club founder Alan Zafer. I reasoned that he would know a decent car and after checking it out with the team I believe he has found a very straight car that can be developed into an exceptional example of the 100/4. The car can be used as is or improved hopefully by us to an excellent machine ( we are restoring a car to Le Mans spec so a sister would be welcome). It’s a LHD 100/4 ex Californian car with the later 4 speed gearbox sought after by those wanting to develop a Le Mans replica. Body fit is great; paint is a little tired but as said real potential. All original and very unspoilt in my favourite red the carmine colour.


Variant 100/4   Gearbox

4 Speed with Overdrive


Everflex hood


Black Leather with red piping


Engine Straight 4 2.6 litre,     
    Lighting Standard
Wheels Painted wires Hood Everflex



Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these particulars, no responsibility is taken for error, omission or misstatement or imperfections not stated. Buyers should satisfy themselves pre purchase of the condition and provenance of the car and on their own judgment satisfy themselves as to whether the car accords to its description or not.

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