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Austin Healey 3000 MKI LSK 525 - 1960 | £36000 | Left Hand Drive

3000 MKI for sale in Hampshire

Now Sold

lso available as a right hand drive car at £40,000 : LSK 525 is a 3000 MKI Austin Healey finished in Ice Blue and built in 1960 and sold for £1,175. The car was originally exported to Canada where it remained until 1990 when she was repatriated to the UK to under go a full restoration in 1992 in its original Ice Blue colour. Chassis number is H-BT7-L/7479 (10,875 of this model were produced). Since registration and restoration the car has remained in one ownership. The car is very well presented in the sporty looking de bumpered version, drives and looks good. The car was purchased in Canada for £4500 requiring restoration, odometer miles at that time were 92,000. In 1990 and 1991 LSK was restored by Sports Car Service of Benholm and Inverkielour then at a cost of £17.158. The history file with the car provides details of the maintenance of the car since restoration. The car has been much loved and comes from a family of Healey owners and enthusiasts based in Scotland. We have just secured a new MOT for the car.


Variant 3000 MKI Gearbox

4 Speed


Ice Blue 

Navy leather
Engine Straight 6, 3 litre,     
    Lighting Standard
Wheels Painted steel Hood Everflex



Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these particulars, no responsibility is taken for error, omission or misstatement or imperfections not stated. Buyers should satisfy themselves pre purchase of the condition and provenance of the car and on their own judgment satisfy themselves as to whether the car accords to its description or not.

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