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Healey Buyers Guide

For many people buying an Austin Healey signifies the fulfilment of a long held dream or ambition. For the Rawles Motorsport team, it is a delight to hand over the keys to a new owner and share in their excitement as the car is driven out of the workshop by a new owner for the first time.

austin healey buyers guide how to when to buy a healey



It can also be an apprehensive time; an Austin Healey is a big investment and there are many potential pitfalls to the new purchaser. Classic cars do not have the reliability of modern cars; how do you know whether you have purchased an excellent 45 - 60 year old car at a fair price?


We recommend an hour or two at our workshop. We welcome you to observe our work-in-progress restoration or repair cars, ask questions and thereby get a better understanding of your potential purchase.

Third Party Assessments

If you have seen a car elsewhere for which you would like a third party opinion, you can commission a Rawles Motorsport engineer's inspection.

Purchase a Car from Rawles

If you purchase a car from Rawles Motorsport we promise to give a fair assessment of the cars for sale based on our experience. We also offer a limited guarantee of up to 8 hours free labour to rectify faults on cars that can be attributed to pre-delivery faults that have not been advised (Parts and consumables are chargeable).

A long-term Customer Relationship

Our principal business is the maintenance and repair of the Austin Healey so we see the sale of a car as the start of a customer relationship, not the end - to us that's important.

Commission a Car Search or Build to Specification

We can be commissioned to source a car to your needs. We are regularly selected to build road, race or rally cars to the highest standards. If you seek a special Healey we can make discreet enquiries and broker your purchase.

Handing Conversion

We will also convert a right hand drive car to left hand drive or vice versa to meet your requirement. Global shipment can be organised.

Please call +44 (0) 1420 23212 to discuss your requirements further.

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