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Engine Build | Austin Healey 100/4 & 100M

Rawles Motorsport Ltd offers two levels of performance to customers wishing to have their four cylinder Austin Healey engine rebuilt with upgraded drivetrains also available to match. Each engine build is provided with rolling road set-up and performance figures from our in-house Mustang 1750DE dynometer.

Standard Factory Specification:

Restore your 100/4 or 100M engine to factory original specification to ensure it performs just as it did when it rolled out the factory. In addition to this ‘essential’ modernisations are provided; these include internal upgrades to boost longevity of engine life, unleaded conversions, alternator conversions (if required) and more.

If desired we can also convert BN1 3-speed cars to the later BN2 four speed gearbox.


100M Specification for 100/4s, BN1 & BN2

Should you wish to upgrade your engine to 100M specification as per the original dealer fitted conversions offered in period this can be provided. The 100M specification includes the beautiful cold air box, upgraded carburetors, high compressions pistons and upgraded camshaft. This can be provided with the very desirable louvered bonnet and leather bonnet strap as required.


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