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1956 | Mercedes 190SL

Mercedes 190SL finished in factory ‘DB180 Silver Grey Metallic’ with ‘Light Red’ interior. The owner of this car commissioned us to restore has entire collection including this very car. Detail was highly important to this restoration with the bodywork and interior to be completed to Gold concours levels of authenticity with correct material usage and stitch styles, utilizing the same production techniques as when the car was built.

Additions to the car were made: we constructed a rear seat along with seat belts and mountings for an additional passenger and installed power steering to make the car easier to drive.

Panel Repair/ Fitment

To ensure excellent panel fitment our metalworkers spent hundreds of hours to ensure all gaps across the car are small as possible yet consistent, with doors which shut softly and that all shapes and surfaces are well formed. 


Once chassis and bodywork was completed, over 300 hours were spent painting the car from bare metal with multiple layers of high build and etch primers before 5-6 coats of base and 4-5 clear, flatted down to 2000 grade and machine compounded to a full gloss. It is the multiple layers of primer, additional seam sealing and high quality of paints we use which ensures our restorations last. We strive to achieve the highest level of finish with no unsightly 'rippling' across the surface of panels as seen on poor quality jobs with our work instead displaying a clean, deep and glass-like finish which shows the contours of the car as best possible.



Our leather artisans hand-crafted the interior of this 190SL using the correct early style dyed red leather and luxurious deep loop piled carpet. In addition to this the customer requested we install a third seat for his children in the back which could be easily removed when not in use.


- Power Steering

- Third Seat

- Radio

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