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YUD 315 Sold by Rawles Motorsport Brokerage service testimonial

Andrew - I have enjoyed 10 good years of Healey motoring and am sure I will return in the future. In the meantime, thank you for achieving an excellent result on the sale.
Kind regards James, Jan 2017.

Car Brokerage Service Testimonial YUD 315

AH 3000 MKIIA sold by Rawles Motorsport ltd


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Fast Flow Manifold review

RM manifold is a thing of beauty

  I purchased one of your new manifolds last season but just found out yesterday 
that you guys are the ones who designed and produced it.
  To me it is be the single most beautiful piece of casting art that I have ever seen and 
may be the nicest part on my car (next to the COSWORTH Pistons, but you can’t see them).
  I’ve owned this same car for 43 years and have always wondered how it ever ran properly with such an archaic intake manifold.
Although the race cars had individual intake runners for the triple Weber of HD8 set ups I wasn’t inclined to race 
so I just lived with the OEM manifold, until I saw yours!
  Thank you very much for investing your time and effort in producing these manifolds, they are truly a work of art.


Pete Carbonne, USA


Fast Flow Maniford and Side Exhaust

fast flow manifold raunchy noise without earplugs

Finally In Tune!  The Greener BRG Healey!


Raunchy without earplugs and responsive with grunt!

Download Edward Vanderspars article about his 33 year relationship with his BJ8, and his opinons of the Rawles Motorsport inlet manifold and low noise high performance exhaust.



Austin Healey 3000 MK Restoration

austin healey restoration case study

This is to thank you and the team for the magnificent job you have done on 616 FOC, my 1962 3000 MKII over the winter.

When I put the car away and went off to Hong Kong in 1991 the car was borderline MOT pass, so I knew by 2008 I was looking at a complete rebuild. I am glad I bit the bullet and came to you, I found the work was done very well, I was kept right up to date with where we were, and everything was neatly recorded as we went along. I would be happy to recommend your service to others.


Fast Road Engine

Fast road engine carburator kit testimonial

Many thanks to the team for a successful fast road engine rebuilt on KBS 552. Very pleased with the results; in particular the fantastic surge in torque and brilliant sound the side exhaust is producing. As for the exhaust - the speedbumps are definitely less of a problem.

Of course happy to recommend the service I have received at Rawles over the years!"


100M Conversion

100m conversion austin healey testimonial

Can I say thank you to you and Vince not only for organising the delivery of GSK so swiftly but for the amazing job you have done with her. I forgot what a beauty it is and the work you have done is fantastic.

Your care and attention to detail is massively appreciated.


Commission Sales - Chris Want

commission sales sell your healey

Thank you for handling the successful sale of UXJ 470. Living in Spain and having to have the car transported to you I was a little worried. However every thing went very smoothly and I was pleased that you secured a sale within a month. The fact that you took the car to Goodwood and Beulieu at your expense shows to me a genuine concern on your part to secure a sale.


Restoration Project - Wayne Neal

Rawles Motorsport has a great team and I had a great time working with them over the restoration project. Each department provided great experience and to have this all under one roof in my eyes was a great asset. The quality control is so much tighter. As the project moved along I was sent updates for when I was unable to get to view the progress. I just could not believe the depth of detail that was undertaken and with great care. Rawles Motorsport has re-built a fantastic car of which I am extremely proud to own and I can’t thank them enough.



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